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In Search Of Schrodinger’s Cat – Review 7/7

Years ago I heard a remark that stayed in my mind in regards to Quantum Mechanics… “It changes when you obverse it.” This might be a minor note to some but to me it stuck in my brain. The more I heard over the years and the strangeness that is connected to the quantum world. Finally with the advent of Quantum Computers I decided I’d learn for myself.

How to do this however? At first I thought Quantum Mechanics for Dummies would be the best start, but that interestingly had terrible reviews. After some searching I stubbled upon this book by John Gribbin and was not disappointed. Gribbin explains Quantum Physics in a clear step by step process throughout history that anyone can understand. It’s fascinating hearing the development of the theory from the time of its inception all the way to more recent advances.

I found myself gripped by the quantum world and it’s strangeness and laws that are like nothing else. In some ways this has opened it’s own new world for me, and I’m already reading the sequel.