The Wind Hits Strongest

The wind is always what hits the most. Cold stagnant air can be endured, but a cold wind bites into your skin and seeks out your lungs and eyes.

These thoughts crossed Sam’s mind as she waited at the rail station. It had been a long day, longer in fact as she had come about half way around the world.

Why had she? No one understood why she left her friends and family and packed her bags to go to the other side of the world. In fact she didn’t even know right now.

How long had it been? An hour she had waited in the cold wind? The train still hadn’t come but there wasn’t anywhere with shelter from it at the open station.

Was it worth it? Sometimes in life your possessed with that singular drive, the absolute desire that tells you exactly what your life is for and what you need to do. But for Sam, like most other people that drive had never come.

Maybe that’s why she had signed up to teach kids english on another continent? Maybe. But right now being cold, and alone didn’t help her muddled thoughts. If only the train would come she could finally arrive.

After that what then? Years of work, to what? What would she achieve? Would it matter? A year from now? Ten? Ever? Did the fact of it mattering even matter?

This was pointless to think about she mused and pulled her jacket tighter. All she could do is try to do the best she could.

The sound of a train off in the distance shook her out of her musings. Time to take the next step and hope for the best.