Samsung Gear VR – A first look at VR Review

Yesterday I had a chance to take a first look at VR in the form of the Samsung Gear VR. Specifically at the Westfield Mall in London’s Shepard’s Bush.

It’s true what they say about VR. You can’t really be told about it but you have to experience it yourself. That’s very true I believe. When I sat down I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. The last time I had a “VR” headset was the original Nintendo Virtual Boy headsets. While a novelty, not something that really wanted.

The Gear VR on the other hand truly did put me there on this roller coaster back in California. I have to say, hands down… It achieved that. Simple as that.

However, there were a few downsides. A few times there were frame rate issues which made me feel slightly motion sick. Likewise not everyone who has this would have moving seats in their living room… I’m not sure it would be quite the same simulation. This isn’t the Oculus rift itself so I can’t speak for that.

In the end I will say that VR is extremely impressive, and I’m looking forward to the technology continuing to develop. If the headsets can get smaller and the quality can get even just slightly better (might already be on the OR) and of course the price points a bit lower this could easily become the future in many ways. Just hoping it will continue to progress.