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The Chase

“Turn right!” Chloe screamed as Shawn cranked the wheel in a hard left turn. “We’re going to fast, you’re going to get us both killed!” She yelled as their car weaved in between the other cars as fast has Shawn could floor it.

“If I don’t go this fast they’ll catch us and then our lives are over anyway!” He yelled back, focusing on the road.

She clenched her teeth and ducked as gunfire rained into the car, bouncing off metal and breaking most of the glass. “Damn it!” She yelled a fresh bullet wound on her arm. Chloe grabbed the semi-automatic in her hands and returned fire on their pursuers. “They just don’t know when to quit!” She screamed as the shots went wild.

“This isn’t doing us any good,” Shawn said as he shifted into the highest gear and turned down the main drive. The cops had gotten involved now, and he could hear their sirens off in the distance. “Next time, remind me not to steal from the mob.”

“No shit.” Chloe grimaced, finally landing a trick shot on one of their pursuer’s tires, sending into a roll which impacted onto a streetlight. “We have to lose them, Shawn.”

“Ok! I’m trying!” He said, narrowly missing another car.

“Just do it!” She yelled, emptying her magazine into another car before it returned fire, sending her sprawling back down into the shelter of her seat. “No time!”

The car began turning off the road, and she looked up, only to see a Shawn slouched across the steering wheel, holes in his head and torso. “Shit.” She said as the car went into a roll and her world went dark.