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“Stop, that must be the tenth book you’ve gone through and just skimmed the beginning. We need to focus on how to defeat him.” The young man said.

“What do you think I’m doing?” The older woman answered him. “In these tomes somewhere lies the key to his defeat, but there are so many timelines, so many possibilities, so many universes.

“How can you know if it’s useful if you just read the first part?” He pressed. “If each of these books is one possible timeline, one possible universe and you only read a few paragraphs in, how would we know if he’s in it or not?”

“I just know… most of the time.” She answered glibly, picking up a new book. “You’re welcome to try on your own, or read through every single book here.” She gestured at the massive library.

He looked up at it for a moment and rolled his eyes. “I’m just worried about missing something.”

“And we might, finding a needle in a haystack is not so easy, but finding one story in the midst of thousands is even harder. Patience we have the time” She answered him slowly.

“Not long enough.” He said, sitting back down at the desk.

“That remains to be seen.” She turned back to the new book she had just picked up and began reading…