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Swipe on (part 4)

“Dude, just don’t respond to her,” Tim said, bringing a new round from the bar.

“I can’t do that,” Nelson replied texting back rapidly. “She’s a good person, and I led her on… way too far.”

“Yeah, all the way into her bedroom.” Tim laughed and took a drink.

Nelson looked up at him rolling his eyes. “I’m not an asshole.”

Evidently, Tim thought this entire situation was great fun and returned Nelson’s glare with a smile. “Seems like you are, the girl wants something serious, and you get serious right away. You don’t want to be with her, but now you’re leading her on even more by not getting it over with.”

“FUCK,” Nelson said putting down his phone and facepalming. “I think you’re right.”

Now Tim really had a smug look on his face. “I’m always right. Just rip the band-aid off.”

“After this drink…” Nelson reached for the new glass that Tim had brought over. “Cheers.”