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Just don’t give a f*#k!

[I wanted to take a one day break from Jin and write something else that’s short. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of Jin’s adventures!]

“You just gotta stop giving a fuck,” Simon said between bites his burger.

Charles took another drink of his ale and signed, he was just so pissed off. “I’m sick of Tim’s attitude though, he just acts like a dick and does whatever he wants.”

“That literally describes most of the world bro.” Simon replied, “You gotta chill out, what does it matter to you?”

“It just pisses me off,” Charles grumbled and finished off his own burger.

Simon laughed and said, “Dude, I think your problem is that you’re just as entitled as he is. If he’s going to brag about his shit and make fun of you, and other people that’s his own problem. But you’re jealous.”

“No way!” Charles responded reflexively, paused and continued. “Maybe you’re right, I need to take responsibility myself, my life is my own. Who cares about him and how much money he makes?”

“Woah bro,” Simon replied picking up his drink, “now you’re all zen on me!”

Charles laughed and raised his drink in a toast. “To being all zen and shit.”

“Here here. To stopping giving a fuck!” Simon replied.