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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 10)

[Note: I’ll be honest, my motivation to write is really low today… not to mention have a lot of work… so let’s see how it goes!]

Upon finally reaching the Temple I was greeted by one of the monks guarding the entrance. “Peace be upon you. May I ask your business here?” His demeanor was peaceful, but I knew that if I posed a threat to him or the Temple most of the monks here would be formidable opponents.

“And peace be upon you as well.” I gave him a slight bow. “I’m seeking knowledge, I ask to be able to view the archives.”

“With great respect,” the monk answered with a bow of his own, “but our archives are not for the laymen, only those who are a part of our order or have been granted access by a high priest may enter.”

This is something I knew, lucky for me it didn’t apply. “Of course,” I responded and took the prayer beads from around my neck and presented them to the monk. At the end was the symbol of the Temple I had grown up in. The ranking of a priest in the order of the D’tao. “My master gave these to me long ago. The D’tao is where I grew up. My home.”

The monk took the bead solemnly, the symbol was of intertwining patters around a circle with a dot in the center to represent an eye. To anyone in the order, it was instantly recognizable. While the design itself was not that of the central order, almost all knew of the Temple and of the brach it belonged to.

“I had thought all of the truth seekers were killed. How is it that you remain? You’re not dressed as a monk.” He replied, handing it back to me.

Placing it back on my neck I responded, “I’m the last one, this was my master’s.” I had relived these memories only a few hours ago, I didn’t want to again now.

Feeling my intensity, the monk gave me a wordless nod and beckoned me inside. Returning his bow, I proceeded into the Temple complex. I had never visited this Temple’s archive, but if it was like most Temples the layout was roughly the same, and it didn’t take me long to locate. I wore my beads outside of my kimono like a badge, I didn’t want to waste time with more questions about my presence here, and thankfully no one bothered.

Upon entering the dimly lit archives, I could see walls filled with scrolls and books that had been collected by this Temple. As I thought, Naoshima’s library was among one the largest I had been in. Approaching a table near the entrance, I found a monk who was fast asleep.

Jealous? Ikiru asked, knowing full well how tired I was.

I gave an awkward cough, “excuse me?” I asked hoping it would wake him up. Instead, he started snoring.

Time to look around. While I hated to look around without the proper consent I didn’t feel that it was right to shake him into wakefulness, and I didn’t have the time to deal with this all day, so I walked past the desk and began my search.

[Going to have to stop here today! Too much to do! Stay tuned tomorrow!]