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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 14)

[got some food poisoning but I will write every day!!]

I charged her drawing my sword and slashing at her cannon as I went. The sudden movement caught her off guard and sent us both flying through the air and towards the group below. Her body cushioned the blow for me. However, the cracking sound I heard must have broken something for her.

Looking up, she was unconscious. I got up carefully. She wasn’t moving. The robes she had been wearing were now ripped and muddy from the impact.

Leave her, she was trying to kill you.

True but now she was my only lead, and call me stupid but leaving a girl injured in the muddy street didn’t sit well with me. I tried to pick her up and found she was surprisingly heavy. Taking off her ripped robes I could see she had a traditional set of armor on underneath with several smaller hand cannons strapped to it. Let’s just take those off.

I also felt strange at undressing a girl in the street, but I couldn’t move her with all the armor. Putting it aside she had a simple set of workers clothes underneath. Now picking her up was easy. I decided that taking her back to my place was the best bet. Perhaps I could get some information as to who was behind this.