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Sunlight once again jarred me into waking. I had awoken, again. I knew I had done this before this time. The same meadow, the same light, the same cliff face with a cave entrance.

Quickly making my way into the cave, there was also the same old man offering me a sword. “What is happening? Why am I here?” I asked him, not knowing where to begin, “In fact, who are you?”

The old man just stared at me, sword outstretched in his hands again, “It’s dangerous here. You need this.”

“I don’t want it,” I responded, “what I want is to know what is going on.”

His response was silence, the sword outstretched. Frustrated I grabbed at his shoulders, only to have his form disappear like the wind. The sword was laying on the ground now. I don’t want it. I thought and ran back up out of the cave, leaving it where it lay.

The wind picked up, making it almost difficult to leave the cave, but I was able to force myself towards the entrance and saw the monster again. My memories were hazy to be sure, but I knew it when I saw it. Standing across the meadow from me, eyes and claws glistening. This time, I did not wait. I ran. Into the forest as fast as I could. I could hear it’s movement behind me in quick pursuit. What was this? Why was it chasing me?

Further and further into the forest I went, but I could hear it gaining ground, it was faster than me to be sure. I looked for anything that could give me an advantage, but it was merely trees, trees, and more trees. It’s advancement increased, and I glanced back to see it nearly on top of me. An involuntary scream ripped through my lungs. “No! Not again!” And I dodged away as it lashed out at me.

I changed course through the forest, seeing some small rock outcroppings up ahead I tried to use them for cover as it came again, but too late. Looking down in shock I saw its claws had ripped through my chest, pouring blood all over the ground. Its breath saturated the air around me and light faded once again.