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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 20)

[Had to write in the evening today due to a crazy day]

The sound of the wind was all that could be heard as my eyes started to adjust to the darkness before they flashed back on revealing the grizzly scene before me. Gashira had been killed. His body ripped apart in the same manner as the others, blood-stained nearly every surface of the room. The sudden stench of blood was almost overwhelming. If I had been in control of my body, I might have vomited right there. However, Ikiru remained composed, as if nothing was wrong.

“I see you’ve changed since we first met. No longer taken aback by the sight of slaughter.” Shi Fan said, untouched, and quietly sipping his tea. “You’ve figured it out then?”

Ikiru remained silent and returned his gaze with contempt. You know, you could say something eventually? I prodded. It’s not like me to say nothing like this. Not that he cared really I thought until he finally spoke, but it was not directed at Shi Fan, it was at the woman, who now was standing still behind Shi Fan.

“Are you the same who came to my house? Was that just a disguise like this is now? I can tell it’s you Ooruchi?” He said slowly and carefully. It was a question, but it came out instead as an accusation.

The woman, Ooruchi? Remained still, with the same unreadable expression on her painted face. Shi Fan’s face finally began to darken. “You speak that name here?” He said with anger. “You know more than is good for you or any man should know.” Shi Fan stood up at this and walked over towards her. This task has been destined to us since before you were conceived, before Shi Fan even. He returned to stare at me. Just who are you?

Ikiru rose slowly as well and stared at the two. “Now that I’ve confirmed who the two of you are I will tell you my name. I am called Ikiru.” Shi Fan’s face went cold.