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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 29)

[Note: I realized there was a significant auto correct/spelling error in the last episode: “possess” ended up as “process.” This is the weakness I suppose in this writing every day and publishing format. Most things end up as some form of a rough draft, especially when a lot of other things are going on in my life… Well enjoy my rough drafts for what they are!]

“I’m sorry, possess you?” I stammered back again.

“Exactly,” Ikiru continued, “In essence, your physical form is partially masked as a ghost here. Since I’m more a part of this world than the physical one, I manifest as the opposite.”

“You’ve totally lost me at this point,” I responded to him. “Can you make this a bit simpler?”

Ikiru let out a sigh. “I’m from Yomi; you’re from the physical world. Our places have been reversed. If you possess my ‘physical’ body here, the Oni are less likely to detect you. My body here will not be affected by the flames.”

“Right, why didn’t you say that in the first place?” I answered Ikiru, enjoying his grimace.

“Okay… well, focus Jin,” Ikiru said and stepped into me. It was a strange sensation. However, it was similar to earlier at the castle. Once again I saw through his eyes like I was at a great distance, however, this time it was his and not my own.

Seeing Yomi through his eyes was even more of a shock though. The colors of the flame and the cries of the souls had a visible aura that radiated through all of our vision.

Is this how you see it? I asked him, this is more horrible than how I saw it…

“Why do you think I left?” He answered, “Now shut up. We’re still short on time.”