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[super busy recently. Short one-off today]

I was almost there. The way out of this blasted city. Moving slowly, however, I forbade my body to rush. It was once you got close that many failed… and I wasn’t going to be one of the ones the zombies got. Yess zombies, if you’re just joining me now in this story you might be rolling your eyes at my on the nose description but it was as true of a way to describe them as I could.

This city was full of them now, and these sewers were the only way out. I gripped my lone side arm tightly. I was down to my last clip. Sounds echoed in the tunnel behind me… I moved around, gripping my flashlight in the other hand. There was something out there, I knew it was close.

Another sound from off to my side, and other to the other side… they were closing in. I started to move faster, if they were this close they must smell me by now anyways, smell my living blood.

I began to run and the sounds of running footsteps behind me drew closer, keeping up to speed and gaining ground… faster and faster I until I looked back and saw a horde of dead eyes. I fired several shots back knowing I was wasting bullets on that many. The exit was close, so close I could see it ahead. One grabbed at my leg and I shot it off before it could trip me.

Barely reaching the exit I threw myself up the ladder shooting at the ones closest to me to keep them away as I climbed. I wasn’t fast enough as several grabbed at me upon reaching the top. I only had a couple more bullets and I emptied the last of my clip into the ones holding me as I pushed the grate open and pulled myself out, as fast as I could I slammed it behind me…