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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 35)

We all stood there until Inazagi finally broke the silence “I never thought you, of all people, would make it back here Ikiru.” I saw that he moved his hands down to what I saw were duel katana, one on each side.

“Well, Inazagi, that’s just how much I hate you,” Ikiru responded, preparing to draw his own blade.

I kept an eye on all of them, however, the woman,, remained motionless except for the snakes undulating in her hair and around her body. “We came, because we have a job to do, and I’m not letting you release whatever it is you’re planning on releasing.”

Inazagi looked over at me in disgust as if he had just noticed an annoying pest in the room. “So you’re the real Jin? You sadly have very little knowledge of what it is you speak. My wife may bring about darkness for her enemies, but she will also bring about a golden age for our country. She will make this country free from the grasp of the Xi’an empire.”

As Inazagi spoke I noticed Ikiru adjust his stance to prepare to charge, Inazagi seemed to intent on monologuing to notice as he continued. “We are a country of gods, this is our land, and our people. Now we are under the heel of this foreign invader, but this is not our destiny. Our destiny is to be as I am, the sun.” The sun crest on his clothing began to glow with a bright aura. “You once stood against us Jin, but you can make it right. While my blood, the blood of Wakoku does not run inside you, you are still one of us. Fight with us!”

His speech suddenly drew to a close as Ikiru leaped forward drawing his sword in a single strike. Ooruchi stepped out and into his way, one of her snake hands being cut off hands she did so. “Enough talk,” Ikiru said as he followed up with another series of strikes which she dodged or blocked with more snakes coming from out of her clothes. “Let us finish this.”