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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 36)

I charged forward along after him. Drawing my sword into a swing, I attacked at Ooruchi who suddenly transformed before me into a massive eight-headed snake. One of the heads lunged towards me, and I narrowly avoided its strike. Ikiru, on the other hand, was using my distraction to work his way towards Inazagi who had yet to draw his blades.

A serpent head attacked my face, and I countered with a series of quick slashes. Another head struck me from behind, and even though I was still in my ghostly form it sent me flying forward several meters. Pulling myself off I saw my hands were beginning to become solid again. Perhaps the potion was wearing off.

Ikiru I saw lunge towards Inazagi who deftly sidestepped his blow. One of the heads of Ooruchi attacked at Ikiru, but he jumped up on its neck and severed it in a single slice before landing back on the ground. Advanced back toward Ooruchi who was howling in pain from the loss of one of its heads. It still lashed out with several of its remaining leaders at me. I dodged and parried trying to make my way towards to the main body. I could see Ikiru and Izanagi locked in combat, but the latter had not yet drawn his swords. As skilled as Ikiru was, he apparently was not a match for Izanagi. Another head came towards me faster than expected but I countered and this time swiftly cut it lengthwise down the middle. Ooruchi screamed again, and I closed the gap.