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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 37)

Ooruchi slithered away as best she could as I struck at another one of her heads, however, with her increased size she was much slower than I was and severed another head from her body with a sidestep and a quick stroke. Spinning to avoid another of her attacks I finally landed a solid blow on her central neck just above the rest of the heads. She screamed, but the remaining heads pressed towards me with renewed fervor. I moved back waiting for an opening. Only five heads were remaining but that was like fighting five to one. Thankfully I was better than she was and with another quick side step, I severed another two heads back to back. She screamed and began retreating back away from the door that my back was now towards. I could hear Ikiru and Inazagi fighting behind me.

I waited until Ooruchi threw herself at me again, heads failing, trying desperately to land a bite. I could see the venom now dripping from large fangs and dodged under one of the heads another swung at me from above. My hair shifted from the fang brushing against it. That was close. I thought and countered with a strike above me severing the head in the same thought.

She roared, now with only two heads left she began to run. I started to pursue, wounding one of the remaining heads but then I heard Ikiru behind me let out a short cry of pain and turned back.