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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 41)

I slowly rose off the ground. Here I was hoping that coming back to the land of the living would be the end of all this mess. Carefully I held my hands out in front of me showing no hostility. There was no way I could fight this many soldiers in my condition and make it out of this.

Suddenly I could hear a dull rumbling sound a ways off, the crowd began to scream, and some started to run. The Xi’an guards looked around confused but still held their ground until a giant blue creature came barreling through the crowd, flinging people left and right. The guards themselves then began to break and run. I, however, placed my hand on my sword and prepared to draw.

It’s the daemon from the temple. Ikiru said. I thought it would have been unsummoned when we defeated them…

“I guess not,” I answered. Prepared to fight. The beast tore towards me at an incredible speed, but I didn’t flinch, having just faced down enough gods and oni for a lifetime I was ready. In one sweep I drew my sword and took the brunt of its full force in one swing splitting it in two.

“I’ve had enough of these things,” I said out loud as crumbled to the ground sending entrails everywhere. The guards and onlookers slowly began to return, looking in shock at the monster.