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Jin and the Solstice of Blood (Part 43)

“You’re here early Jin-Dono,” Shiina said to me as I walked in. I gave her a weary smile and sat down at the bar.

“Not too early when you’ve had my last couple of days,” I responded as she poured me a small cup of sake.

She nodded, finished pouring, and watched while I drank the cup in one gulp. “That rough eh? I heard that the city guards were looking for you. Then the storm and all those murders. Did you catch who was behind it?”

“You could say that,” I answered. Pouring myself another shot from the bottle. “Not exactly who, but a what.” I took another drink and let out a sigh. “Now, I need silence and a nice break.”

“Sure, as soon as you settle up your tab.” She said with a rye smile, that made me realize. I was still flat broke.

“Oh come on Shiina. You know I’ll be good for it.” I gave her the biggest smile I could in return.

Her smile vanished. She stood up but left the sake bottle. “Ok Jin,” she said. “But only for the hero of Kawajima.”