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Run through the anger

Seth ran faster and faster on the elliptical. He tried not to check his phone for the millionth time and instead focus on his workout. The sweat had begun to drip down his forehead and into his eyes as he passed 10km.

How could she just throw away their relationship like that? His idle mind said back to him as he tried his best to ignore it and instead focus on the music. Her parents had never approved of them, but until now it hadn’t mattered. His anger began to peak again, and he channeled it into his movement. Running faster and faster he was glad that the gym had some high-quality gear.

One argument about money and snap, it was all to pieces, she hadn’t returned a single one of his messages since she went to her parents. He started to feel sad, the thought of ending their three-year relationship over one stupid fight… unlike the anger, the sadness was harder to channel into his running, and his exercise slowed momentarily into a light jog.

Seth had been running for over an hour now, frequently he’d have gone to bed, having enough work even over the weekends but as it had been over 24 hours since he heard from his girlfriend, he was still unable to focus and felt himself fluctuating between anger and fear.

Is this how little their relationship meant to her? His mind began to spiral out and think of multiple possibilities, what he would do in single life again. Sure he had imagined being single again before, but in his heart, he had never wanted to leave her… now it felt like a real possibility.

His phone vibrated suddenly. He almost hesitated to check it, having already had numerous false alarms. This time, however, it was her. She had sent a 😦 emoji along with a hey.

“Hey,” he messaged back.

“Can we talk?” She answered.

“Of course,” he responded and dialed her number. Hoping for some good news.