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Dreamlands (Part 1)

[Another old work I dusted off… might tweak it a bit]


It is said that great men forge their own destiny, and this is what I expect from you. When your mother died I know it has been hard for you moving like we have, but it has made you who you are. Use that to forge your destiny.

~Your father Steven Sumter

August 23


This is my first time keeping a journal, but I figured I’d go ahead and try my hand at it.  It might be helpful to chronicle my thoughts as a move back to the states for school. Dad thinks that all the greats kept journals so therefore I should too. I’ll give it a shot at least.

I’m waiting at the Hong Kong terminal now. The flight all the way to New York will be long but it’s not like I haven’t done it before, it’s pouring cats and dogs here. Hopefully, my flight won’t be delayed because of it. I know JFK often has delays because of weather. The net has been acting funky, but last time I checked, it was pretty much the same there. At least the Hong Kong airport isn’t a bad place to wait…

This is the second time since Mom died that I’ve relocated around the world. First was here in Hong Kong and now finally back to the States. When you move like this, you find out who your real friends are that are willing to keep in touch, guess it still is shocking how few. When Mom… everyone came out of the woodwork, but as soon as Dad got the transfer and we moved out here I guess for most the distance between San Francisco and Hong Kong was too hard for them a few key presses away over the internet.

I hate feeling sorry for myself, maybe that’s why I haven’t written a journal like this before, and I’m starting to feel like a pity party. Well, it should only be me reading it at least. I’m going to be boring soon. I guess I’ll write in this when I get there…