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Defenders (Part 1)

“Cleanup on aisle 12!” Jesse shouted at Arthur as he threw him a mop. “Get your face out of that game.”

Arthur deftly caught the cleaning implement turned projectile without looking up. “One second, I’m about to make record time.”

“No one second.” Jesse responded, standing there impatiently, “A kid threw up all up and down the toy aisle, it’s a mess out there.”

Arthur signed and excited the round of ‘Defenders of the Cosmos.’ He usually wouldn’t have gotten hooked on casual games, but this one had been gripping him lately. He had already made the top 10 leaderboard in the world. Not that his boss would have been impressed by that. He signed and followed Jesse out of the back room.

They made their way to aisle 12, and it was indeed as bad as advertised. Arthur suppressed a gag and started to clean. “I just love cleaning up after other people’s messes,” he remarked sarcastically.

“You think I do?” Jesse responded, “It’s all a part of the job, cleaning up after people’s messes is what the service industry is all about. You think a customer is going to clean up their own mess? That’ll be the day.” To which Arthur begrudgingly nodded, and they continued cleaning in silence.

It had already been a long day for Arthur and cleaning up messes was the last thing he wanted to be doing at this hour. Besides, he had a final coming up tomorrow… not that he wanted to study for that much either. He had put off studying this entire month, and in less than twelve hours the fate of his degree would be decided. He would be getting off work in another hour if there wasn’t another mess to clean up, and while he knew he should go home and study, he also knew that he’d likely keep playing Defenders for half the night, the game was seriously addictive.



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