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Defenders (Part 2)

“You know,” Jesse began to say slowly as he mopped up the last bit of vomit from off the floor of the aisle. “You still have a chance to make something of yourself. I’m stuck here… I have been for the last three years.”

“Why do you say that?” Arthur responded, doing a final once over with his clean mop. “I mean, you could change jobs if you don’t like it here?” He stated in more of a questioning tone.

Jesse sighed and watched as Arthur finished the work. “I have a masters degree you know, but even though I put in the time to study and find something. But I came here while I was job hunting and now its harder and harder to find a job that will take me out of here. The universe just isn’t easy for the little guys.”

“Let’s see. Hopefully, I WILL graduate,” Arthur responded, picking up his mop and putting it back in the bucket. “I better go clock out, gotta get home to study, or that won’t happen.”

“Good luck, I wish I could go back and be in your shoes,” Jesse said.

No, no you don’t. Arthur thought as they made their way back to the backroom.