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Defenders (Part 4)

“Are you still playing that game?” Marcus, Arthur’s roommate, said as he walked into the living room. “You realize what time it is right?”

Arthur was on the 99th level, this was no time for a conversation about the time. “Yes.” He responded as fast as possible without looking up.

“Ok bro, just, don’t forget you have that final tomorrow.” He said shaking his head as he walked across the room towards his bedroom. “Don’t forget your responsibilities.” He added as he closed the door behind him.

Arthur’s mind barely registered this as all he could see was a swarm of lights and objects, he barely missed another swarm of missiles. This was his moment, and there was no way he was losing sight of that. He was in the zone. That space where the world around him melted away and every movement and every tap was next to perfect. In any activity, games or work you might find yourself in those moments, locked into what you’re doing so entirely that the task or activity becomes as natural as breathing.

With a flash, he completed level 99. Just one more to go and he’d make the record. Without stopping he clicked the next button. It wouldn’t be long now. This was his moment.