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Defenders (Part 6)

At first, Arthur could only sit there, staring at the screen. For most players, this would have been a victory, but for Arthur, it was a brutal defeat. Slowly, he glanced up at the clock on the wall. 3AM, his test was in six hours and he hadn’t studied whatsoever. Slowly he got to his feet and began getting ready for bed. At this point, he couldn’t care less what happened on the exam. Besides, he doubted if any studying he could do now would truly help him pass.

The high pitched sound of his alarm brought him back into wakefulness. His eyes could barely focus. It was seven thirty. Just enough time to get ready for school and arrive on time. In a haze, he gathered his things and set out with only a cup of yogurt for breakfast. Spring showers made what would be an otherwise warm day into a muggy affair and he was sweating somewhat by the time he sat down for the test.

“You look terrible,” Lindsey said to him as he sat down. “Don’t tell me you were playing games all night again.

Arthur just rolled his eyes and grumbled. He always seemed to be paired with Lindsey for group assignments, but she was one of those know it all types of braggers who do so by telling others that they’re so bad at things or worried they’ll fail a test only to come out the other side with an A+. He couldn’t stand her, but he always kept up a charming facade.

“Maybe I was studying?” He answered curtly, trying his best at the end to spin it as a joke, adding a grin at the end. It came off uneven, but either she was just bad at reading people or didn’t want to notice, but she just signed and went back to reviewing for the test from the notebook, complete with color-coded tabs, she had on the desk in front of her.

“Do you want to look at any of my notes? It’s only ten minutes until the test, but you could use this.” She offered him a laminated cheat sheet that had all the major class points summed up and organized. At first, Arthur was tempted to say no, but he nodded and took the sheet, glancing at it and trying to remember as much as he could in the ten minutes remaining.