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Defenders (Part 8)

When Arthur got home, there was a small package waiting on the porch. Maybe his roommate had ordered something, he thought to himself, picking it up and checking the label, he certainly hadn’t, no money. But there was his name, clear as day. No return address. Strange, he thought as he moved into the living room and opened the box up with a pair of scissors that was lying around.

Inside the box was another smaller black box. He took it out and looked at it. It was out of a plastic-like material, but it felt premium. There was a little seam for the top, but he couldn’t find a hinge. On the top read his name and a smaller circle in the middle. He placed his finger in the ring instinctually, and there was a click and a hiss of air as the box moved slightly and unlocked. A tube came out from the middle, and a hologram of a uniformed man of all things projected right there in the middle of his living room.

“Hello, Aruthr, and congratulations.” It began.