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Defenders (Part 10)

It took all the way until the next morning for Arthur to think again of the strange box and its message. Work had been all day cleaning up one mess after another and dealing with picky customers. Retail or anything where you had to deal with people and clean up their messes was the worst job he could think of… Of course, now that he probably wasn’t going to graduate, he wasn’t sure he’d have another job any time soon.

There was no way the box was real. It had to be a prank. Still, no one had rushed into alert him of what food he’d been yet. Getting up slowly he made his way back to the living room where he’d left it. His roommate had moved it aside to the floor, and Arthur picked it back up to examine it. It was cold to the touch and other than the groves where it had opened and the circular thumb reader at the top it was devoid of any different kind of marking.

Arthur thought back on the previous day, his life of work and failing at school. “What the hell.” He said out loud and put his thumb on the top. He paused while he half nothing to happen, he also was a bit sad when it turned out that indeed nothing seemed to be happening after all.

“It wasn’t even a prank?” He said out loud in case a camera was inside of it he wanted it to know he wasn’t fooled. “Sucks. Well, I guess it’s a TV weekend.” He grabbed the remote and settled in to watch some Saturday morning TV while taking out his phone to play a few more casual rounds of Defenders. What he didn’t see was a small light on the top of the black box where the fingerprint reader had been, start to blink.