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Defenders (Part 11)

Arthur was almost falling asleep to a segment of advertising when there was a knock on the front door which jarred him into wakefulness. Maybe it was delivery for his roommate, he thought as he made his way towards the door. He opened it, however, and to his surprise, there was a man, dressed in a uniform all too similar to the one on the hologram from before.

“Can… I help you?” Arthur said tentatively. He wasn’t sure what else he could ask. Maybe it was a prank or some kind of reality TV show thing after all, though a growing part in the back of his mind was hoping it wasn’t.

“Arthur? Arthur Pendrew?” The man asked looking at a sizeable looking cell phone.

“Yes, that’s me… what is this about?” Arthur responded, hoping it was some kind of giveaway.

“Mr. Pendrew, you have accepted the offer to join the Defenders of the Cosmos. If you want to pack some personal effects and come with me, we can leave momentarily.” He said in a matter of fact fashion.

Arthur’s jaw almost dropped, but he kept a grip in case cameras were indeed watching from the bushes. “Ok right… so this is a reality TV show thing huh? Is it because I got second place in the game like the message said?”

“Reality TV I don’t know, but it is indeed because you got one of the highest marks in our assessment test.” He gestured back into the house. “Would you like to bring some personal effects? Most new recruits do.”

Arthur figured he might as well play along and nodded while he went back into the house to grab some things. Maybe it was like a reality show, he thought and grabbed a change of clothes and phone charger. Turing around to leave, Arthur found himself face to face with the man who had evidently followed him into the room.

“Very nice room Mr. Pendrew.” The man said, examining the posters of games, movies, and bands that Arthur liked. “I had one like this myself long ago.” He turned back to look at Arthur directly. “Are you ready to leave?”

Somewhat taken aback Arthur nodded and began to take a step forward. He wasn’t sure how he felt with this stranger in his room. “Yes? Let’s go then… are we going to the set or…”

Suddenly everything began to float around him. The man remained still and looked up. A white light had appeared in his ceiling, and they were floating up into it.