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Defenders (Part 12)

White light surrounded Arthur until suddenly found himself on a metal floor in a bright room. The man stood over him, and another uninformed person was a bit farther off. He felt dizzy as he tried to rise to his feet and the man helped him up.

“Matter transportation can upset your stomach the first few times. It’s best you take it slow.” The man said as Arthur did his best to stand on his own. “You’ll get used to it quickly.”

The man walked forward and shook the hand of a medium-sized woman who was behind some kind of computer terminal. “Good to be back Gwen. Do we have all the recruits aboard?” He asked her.

Gwen smiled and looked over at Arthur. “He’s the last one. Are we clear to leave captain?” She asked the man.

“Take us out. We’ll meet at Sol¬†rendezvous station Alpha.” He said and turned around towards Arthur again. “Follow me Mr. Pendrew,” and started walking through a far door in the room.