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Defenders (Part 13)

Arthur began to follow close behind the man, into the corridor past the transporter room or whatever it was. “Where are we?” He asked finally, not sure where else to start.

“A transport ship. We’re picking up fresh recruits such as yourself before we proceed to the rendezvous point.” He reached a door farther down the hall and opened it, gesturing for Arthur to enter.

Arthur nodded and walked inside,  “Rendezvous point? So this is real? It’s not some reality show?”

“I assure you,” The man said, “Mr. Pendrew, this is very real. Though we do find from less developed worlds like Earth, there’s more of an adjustment period.” Inside the room, Arthur could see a couple bunks inset into the wall. The man pressed a button on the wall and a rack of the same type of uniform he was wearing popped out. “You may change here, Mr. Pendrew and then come to meet me and the other recruits on the bridge.” He began walking out of the room.

“Um, Mr…. sir?” Arthur began, unsure how to address him.

“You may address me as Captain Helios.” He answered. Pausing for Aruthur’s question.

“Captian Helios. How do I find the bridge?” Arthur asked simply.

The Captian smiled for the first time so far. “Figure it out recruit.” He then turned and left the room leaving Arthur all alone to digest what had happened.