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Defenders (Part 15)

The corridors all looked the same white with white lighting. As he walked, Arthur felt like there was a slight curve to the deck, almost like he was walking along the inside of a massive ring.

Thankfully with all the video games, he had played in the past, Arthur was skilled at maps, so it didn’t take him long to find the route to the bridge. There was a large door with a ramp leading up. He walked up to it, and a small light flashed, and then the door opened into a large circular bridge area. There was a central platform that filled the middle of the bridge. Around it was a sunken area in which there were many crew members busy at work at various computer consoles. Past that was a windowed view that encircled the entire bridge. This is what blew Arthur’s breath away. It was like a scene from Star Trek, watching the stars move past.

In the middle stood Captian Helios, he held looking out at the stars. Behind him were three people around his age with their backs to him. One had long hair seemed like a girl, the other had close-cropped black hair, and the last was taller with short brown hair. Arthur approached them slowly.