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Defenders (Part 16)

When he drew close Captain Helios turned around to face them. The Captain turned around and looked at the four of them gathered there. Arthur stopped walking once he was in line with the other three. The first one was a girl and not just any girl. It was Lindsey. She was staring ahead towards Helios and didn’t look towards him. The other two did, however. The first was a boy who looked Asian, though from where Arthur couldn’t tell, and the big one close to him with brown hair looked like he belonged in a biker gang. Tattoos ran up the front of his neck, and he glared at Arthur like he was a competitor to be squashed.

Arthur returned a nervous smile, and then he and the others turned back to look at the Captian who started to speak. “Welcome recruits to your first step towards becoming Defenders of the Cosmos. You have all been chosen by our training assessment to join our ranks. While there are few recruits from Earth, those of us from this backwater planet often rise to become some of the greatest defenders there ever was or will be! I expect great things from you.”