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Defenders (Part 17)

The captain paused as the tall recruit raised his hand. “Yes?” he asked.

“I don’t know if I’m really the military type.” He said with a rough British accent. “You sold me on the sci-fi adventure part but the rest of this,” he gestured to the uniforms. “Seems less like Guardians of the Galaxy and more like Star Trek mate.”

The captain grimaced before he responded. “If all you’re seeking is adventure perhaps this is not the place for you.” He snapped his fingers, and suddenly the glass window display shifted into videos of starships fighting… things? Starships, monsters, Arthur couldn’t describe everything he saw. “We protect all of the cosmos from what lies beyond. If that doesn’t matter to you by all means, at the end of our briefing, we can send you on a flight back to Earth. But to put it in your words, we’re less Star Trek and more Doctor Strange, or perhaps you prefer the Dark Tower? Only we have starships.”

The group of recruits was silent for a moment, and Arthur looked over to see their reactions. The tall British one had grown silent at this. The others were also quiet until Lindsey raised her hand. “Sir, judging by these videos you’re showing us, it seems that the casualty rate is high. May I ask about the risk involved.”

“You may recruit,” The captain started, “I won’t lie to you, the casualty rate is extremely high, about 90% of all Defenders perish in the line of duty, most never retire. If you join, you will likely meet an end in the cockpit of your starfighter. But you will have done so for the sake of all life. Any other questions?”