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Defenders (Part 18)

Everyone stood there silently after that. Arthur noted the grim expressions on their faces reflected in his own. He wasn’t sure he’d want to risk his life like that, but at the same time, that reality felt very far off. Besides, what was he going to go back to on earth? The captain had just said they could quit and return home after all…

“If that’s all the questions then we’ll be arriving at our destination at any minute.” He looked over the small group for a moment. “Be expecting to meet aliens. I have to say this as sometimes those of us from Earth can find it a shock our first time upon meeting them. To be frank, there are aliens right now on this bridge. But since it’s often a shock we have masked some of their appearances to look like humans.” Arthur glanced around the bridge wondering which crewmen were secretly aliens.

“Now, if you look back at the main screen-” The captain began before he was cut off by the sound of a massive explosion in another part of the ship, most of them were knocked off their feet. Red lights began to flash all over. “Report!” He yelled at one of the crewmen.

“Sir!” She responded getting back up and looking at her console, we’ve been boarded! It’s… it’s him.”