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Defenders (Part 19)

“Dispatch the drones to repel the borders.” The captain yelled. “We have to get the recruits out of here. Come.” He said to them as he walked past off the bridge, reaching down to a small square strapped to his belt and a rifle appeared in his hands. Two soldiers fell into line behind him. Arthur and the other recruits followed.

The bright hallways had turned dark and were lit with red lights. “Star Trek,” Arthur heard the tall recruit murmur under his breath. They moved at a slow but steady pace down the corridor. Another explosion rocked the ship and knocked Arthur and the others off their feet again. The sounds of fighting echoed farther down one of the halls they had just come through.

“Come, quickly.” Captian Helios said ushering them on. A group of figures then came down after them. Dressed in armored suits, he couldn’t see their faces, but they raised weapons and began firing on the group.