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Defenders (Part 20)

“Move!” Helios shouted again, and Arthur with the others continued down the hall. The two soldiers who had been escorting them held their ground returning fire with the boarding party. The captain fired as well but moved backward, keeping pace with the recruits. Laser fire ripped into blue light as it impacted what Arthur could only guess were energy deflector shields. Two of the enemies went down, but more continued to come, as they rushed forward. One of the Defender soldiers went down, and the remaining one drew a dagger from the same box on his belt Helios had own his own. The soldier waited a moment for the enemies to come close and slashed at a gap in the person’s armor. Greenish brown blood spattered all around the corridor as another two closed in on the remaining more solid before the group rounded a corner and he was lost to sight.

“Computer, activate blast doors in section H3-275.” Captian Helios said, and a virtual wall appeared out of the floor and closed off the corridor behind them. “That will hold them off for a time. Quick, we have to get to the escape shuttle.”

The group picked up the pace again, running faster through the maze of corridors. Arthur could hear fighting from all directions now, he wondered who these people were and why they were being targeted.