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Defenders (Part 21)

The group ran down several corridors following Helios as fast as they could. They finally reached a side door where at he placed his hand on a scanner, and it opened to reveal a large shuttle bay. Smaller ships hung down in racks with what Arthur could see was the void of space below. “To the closest shuttle. Go!” He instructed them and then attempted to seal the doors behind them.

Lindsey was first to the shuttle, and the rest of them followed her inside. As soon as Arthur made it in the shuttle another explosion rocked the ship and sent him and some of the others to the ground again. He looked up and saw Helios picking himself off the ground looking up at the now blasted in shuttle bay door.

Coming in the door was a group of the boarding party, and a single figure strode out from their midst and walked over the Helios. Arthur could hear the figure’s voice through the helmet. It sounded artificial and synthesized by some sort of filter. “How long did you think you could avoid me?” The figure said. “It’s been a long time Helios, but I’ve finally caught up.”

The figure reached down and picked up Helios who had not yet managed to rise on his own. The masked figure was much taller than the captain and evidently much stronger too as he held Helios out by the neck. “The Defenders will defeat you. You of all people should know what you’re doing.” The captain managed to get out his hands grasping at the other’s hold on his neck.

“I know perfectly well what I’m doing. I’m saving everyone in this universe, much like you claim to.” The figure said, and Arthur could hear as he crushed Helios’s neck. He looked at it for a second and then tossed the body away casually. The masked face turned towards the recruits in the shuttle.

“You there,” It said, “don’t be afraid.” And with that, the shuttle doors closed and it moved rapidly downwards away from the ship. Arthur stood shocked for a moment and realized he hadn’t been breathing. Turning around he says Lindsey at the controls piloting them away from the larger vessel.