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Defenders (Part 22)

Arthur sat there in stunned silence for a moment before he caught his breath turned around to the front of the cockpit. Lindsey has someone engaged the faster than light drive, or whatever was their method of propulsion, and now only trails of stars were left in their wake.

“Lindsey, how are you flying this? Where did you learn to fly this?” Arthur asked, puzzled. The other recruits seemed to be in a state of shock or just had nothing to say Arthur noted by the sweat coursing down the tall one’s brow.

“Good to see you too, Arthur,” Lindsey responded to him. “I had time to review their manuals and background information in the computer system before you arrived. I’m a good student unlike some here.”

Competitive, even in a time like this. “We almost died back there. That’s what you have to say?” Arthur lashed back.

“You asked me, I told you. Now shut up while I make sure we make it to the rendezvous point, alive, no thanks necessary.” She growled back at him.

Arthur began to respond but instead shut his mouth and sat down in the back next to the black haired Asian boy. They all sat in silence as Arthur stewed in a mix of adrenaline and frustration. He hated feeling powerless like this. Less than a few hours ago he had been safe on Earth, now for all he knew he’d never see it again, fighting for some organization that he knew little to nothing about. How did this happen? He needed something to distract himself with.