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It could happen to you

“Wait, where’s Jake?” Sarah asked David as she sat down at her desk. Last thing she needed was Jake not to show up today. He had been managing their new accounts.

”Gone.” David said solemnly.

”Excuse me? Sarah asked taken aback, “what do you mean, gone?”

”Boss fired him yesterday.” David said not looking up.

”Why?” She asked, now genuinely concerned.

”Remember when the boss bought that ad contract for NASDQ? Well, the dates David was given were wrong and the boss blamed him.”

”But…” she started, taken aback. “That wasn’t his fault. And I needed him for this deal comimg up this week.”

David founded and looked up at least. “I wouldn’t stick my neck out for it. Both you and Jake are new enough that you haven’t finished probation, he can fire you for no reason… don’t mess this deal up!” He added at the end before he went back to typing.

”Shit.” Sarah said sitting down and staring at her computer with dread.