365 Writing


I almost missed writing today. It’s going to be a type of journal tonight. Things have been rough lately, and I’ve actually been writing a D&D adventure module lately. I don’t want to publish this one online until it’s finished, however.

Otherwise, I’ll write some thoughts. A few months ago I read the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck. Something that’s stood out to me is how even when shitty things happen to you that isn’t your fault it’s up to you to take responsibility as to how you’ll deal with it.

Recently that’s been me. While I can take it and be a victim. I can also choose to react in a way that learns from it as best I can and use it as an opportunity.

Let’s see, but things will get better, and all things pass. Hopefully, this thought can help you, dear reader, as well. Also, I’d recommend that book.