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Defenders (Part 24)

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Zach broke it. “So you all played the game huh? High scores?”

“That’s right,” Arthur answered. “2nd place.”

“Woah! You’re A1Knight? You just hit second place the other night!” Zach said, excited. “I’m Shirostorm, I could only ever manage 4th. Did any of you beat the final boss?”

There was silence again for a moment until Lindesay spoke. “I did. I’m Cr4zy8.”

“What?!” Arthur burst out. “No way that’s you! I tried so hard to beat the boss and max out the scoreboard… but you?! You always said I played too much.”

“You did play too much. At expensive of what was important. I just played less and did better.” She answered, swiveling back around in her chair she faced the cockpit window.