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Defenders (Part 25)

It wasn’t much longer until Lindsey slowed down the ship from faster than light and a grouping of several vessels like the one the one they had just abandoned came into view. Each one was docked around a central hub ship that was shaped like a wheel. The wheel section rotated slowly around a center spoke that was larger than the other ships combined.

“Wow, what is that?” Arthur asked, more to himself as they slowly approached.

“Let’s find out.” Lindsey said, “Computer, what is that?” A chime rang, and a voice answered.

“This is the Defender Flagship Eternal Dawn, commanded by Captian Zenis Ragnor.” The voice said, in a natural yet melodious voice.

A beeping sound echoed through the ship, and the voice added. “We are being hailed.”

“Answer it?” Arthur said quizzically, and a video feed, star trek style appeared before them.

“Who are you? Recruits?” A short and gray looking alien answered. The kind you’d see in the Roswell conspiracy theories. “Are you from Sol?”