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Defenders (Part 26)

“Yes,” Lindsey answered the alien. “We were attacked on the way here. We’re all that made it I think.”

The alien’s face made what Arthur could only guess was a concerned expression. “Very well, I’m sending an override to your shuttle to dock at section C74. We’ll debrief you soon.” And with that, the line cut out. Arthur looked at the other recruits who’s expressions of concern had come back. He could only wonder what was in store for them as their ship glided into a docking port and connected with a near seamless bump at the end.

The doors opened, and the alien they had seen on the viewscreen entered the ship flanked by two guards of entirely different alien types. One was more like a squid than humanoid, and the other closer to a lizard. “Recruits are all that made it?” The little gray alien asked to no one in particular.

“Yes, sir,” Arthur responded before Lindsey had a chance to. “If more made it off, we’re not sure, but we saw Capitan Helios die… at least we think he died.”

The little gray alien signed and signaled for them to follow.