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Defenders (Part 27)

[I almost forgot to write today!]

The alien led them along similar hallways to that of the other ship. Arthur began to wonder how any of them found their way around in a ship like this. However, for the alien, it seemed to be not a problem at all, and they were brought into a large meeting room, there were many more people here, most dressed in the same uniform as they had been, and almost all looked young. However, none where human.

“For now,” the alien said, “mingle with the other recruits. If I can talk to one of you first and the rest I’ll discuss things with later…”

Lindsey stepped forward… of course. “I’ll tell you what happened.” She started. But the alien held up a three-fingered hand.

“No, it’s quite all right.” He said, and then pointed towards Arthur. “I’ll talk to him.”