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21st-Century Gods

“Have you studied for your history exam yet Robert?” Sam asked him as they boarded the monorail back to their living district.

“Not yet, I hate history.” He replied, trying to avoid thinking about the massive exam on 21st-century myths and worship.

“It’s not THAT bad, Sam responded. I think they can be pretty fun. Like a story.” She added on at the end, though of course, Sam had always been the better student. He respected his sister for that, of course, he’d never tell her.

Rolling his eyes, he responded back. “Like what?”

“Ok, she took out her datapad. Look here,” She unfolded it into tablet mode so he could see. “They made old movies about their gods. Check out this one; my favorites are the ones about ‘Thor.'”

“Heh, I guess old movies can be kinda fun, even if the stories make no sense.” He said begrudgingly, not wanting to let on he knew she was right, or that it looked cool at all.

“Come on! Myths like these can be fun; I bet you’d like their stories of the one called Capitan America.” She continued with enthusiasm.

“Ok, fine, who’s he?” He was somewhat interested…

“Capitan America was a god that saved the land of America from all sorts of evils. He was the god of America, but later other countries worshiped him as well. He stood for justice and good. Look here.” She held up her screen again to show him some dramatic recreations from 21st-century films.

A man in a costume was punching and fighting his way through some kind of aliens or monsters, or something, Robert wasn’t sure, but he was forced to agree it did look cool. “Ok ok, maybe this test won’t be so bad, I’ll try to pay attention to the review lecture tomorrow.”

“There you go!” Sam said excitedly having realized she was victorious. “Movies are the best way to get into things. Have you seen the new Defender’s of the Cosmos VR flick that just came out?”

Robert shrugged.”Not yet, I’m starting to get burned out on superheroes. They’re not very original.”