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Super Heroes

Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time is connected to my previous piece.  How different are our superheroes of today compared to the myths and legends of the past? While we are reasonably confident that people did worship the gods of old, with their stories and their tales, how are they actually so different from the superheroes that we’ve connected to through media thanks to Marvel and DC?

What would a world 1000 years from now look at when they see us and our own tales of “myth and legend”? Would they think that we worshiped them? Would they expect these were our very own 21st-century gods? Likewise back several thousand years would these people not have told the stories of Thor and Hercules’s if they were Captian America and Super Man? How different really is it?

Just thoughts, I’d be interested in doing a more extended essay examining the topic at some point. Perhaps once I start more of my medium blog!