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Nyl the Lost City 2

Here’s more I’ve been working on for my D&D game.

Chapter 1 – Camp

Located just about an hours hike away from the lost city. The camp first got its name from being just that, a camp. Built out of a small gulley or valley a safe distance from the city, the camp steadily grew over the last year to upwards of a thousand people. While it’s far from being a camp anymore, it still resembles one as most of the buildings are tents of varying sizes.

Some buildings out of the local rock have been fashioned as well as some from wood that was imported half the world away. These few structures stand out against the myriad of tents that most adventurers and merchants here use.

The one who they now call “the governor” rules the camp with a sizable mercenary force. As one of the first arrivals to the city he and his inner circle were able to procure the best and most expensive riches and sell them for a large profit. With this small treasure to back him, he now runs the city. This is mostly for the good, as his force serves as the closest thing the camp knows to law enforcement and keeps disputes in line. Some people question why he hasn’t returned home with his wealth, but with the taxes he imposes it soon becomes clear, he’s content to get even richer off the backs of any and all who come here.


When your players first arrive at the camp they start on the outskirts but can easily see the Watering Hole in the center of town.


You arrive near the edge of Camp. In the middle not far off you see a large stone building with several people moving in that direction. As you make your way into town you can make out a sign that reads in The Watering Hole – Inn and Tavern. There are people out front setting up small food stands with shish kabobs and various types of simple foods. Small tables are set around. Clearly this is the central gathering place for the town. A man with a colorfully painted peg leg hammers a notice into a board next to the Inn and then wipes his brow and notices the players. “Hello there! New in town? I’m Greg, can I help you all with anything?”


Roleplaying Greg

The man Greg, says that he works for the governor since he lost his leg adventuring into the city. He’s happy to help introduce the party to the city and answer their questions. Roleplay the encounter with Greg’s upbeat and flamboyant personality, he might flirt with players of either gender just to get a reaction.


  • “I was an adventurer like you lot years ago, big and strong, but now I lost me old leg to a bandit. Traveling back home would be a nightmare so I make a living helping the governor out with this and that.”
  • “If you’re looking for work the governor’s needing some help locating an expedition he sent out into the city. That’s the here notice I just put up. He’ll pay handsomely for information on where they gone up and got to! If you want to see him I can take you to his house.”
  • “Must be hungry from your trip. There’s some great food to be found right here, the watering hole got the best ale round these parts, but it ain’t cheap, brewed right here. They also got the monopoly on the only well here in town.”
  • “If you need some supplies you can check out the market. It opens every morning at sunrise, they got everything you can possibly need.”
  • “I know you all haven’t been down to the ruins yet, but if you need to sell anything, feel free to visit the banking guild building, they buy everything that people find around here. They also will keep a hold of your money and store gear for you if you need it. Just gotta open an account.”
  • “Recently in the past few months we’ve been having problems with bandits. I gotta say, I’d be more worried about them than any wildlife you might find around here. Governors been offering a reward for whoever takes in their leader, I know you’re here for the city, but if you want to make some extra cash while doing a good deed, not a bad deal.”
  • “Some people have been going missing lately at night. But maybe they just packed up and left. Not like we’re here forever anyways. If you ask around you might be able to find someone who knows more.”


Greg is happy to take the adventurers to any of these locations though he walks slowly due to his peg leg and talks incessantly along the way. If they players invite him to join him he will as long as it’s within the camp. If it’s to leave he’ll insist that with his leg that isn’t a good idea. If the players act hostile towards him I’ll get help from the governor’s guards and or report to them about the players who will then either come to help or be on the lookout for the players acting out of line, depending on how the players have acted.


Side Quests

While the player’s mission is to explore the mysteries of the lost city, they can however, encounter side quests related to the people in the area. You may choose to cut these in the interest of having a shorter game or your players might move right past them. They do add a level of depth to the area and can lead to some good rewards for your players.


  1. Bandits

Over the past few months bandits have been terrorizing travelers. Little does most people know but these bandits are led by the former governor Silas. Since the new governor betrayed him he’s been attacking Xavier’s patrols in his attempt to stop his slaving activities. The players can randomly encounter the bandits as an encounter in the city and whenever traveling (see encounters in the city section), or can purposefully seek out their camp. As an encounter there is a 40% chance that a bandit will have a rough map leading back to their base (see appendix C). Their camp consists of 20 men (level: players average level minus 2 with minimum 1).

When the players first encounter the base if they approach directly they are given a chance to enter under guard and talk. They may choose to hear Silas out and side with him in uncovering the slaver plot and reinstating him as governor. Otherwise the players may also choose to kill Silas and his bandits (they will flee once he’s killed), and return to camp and present his head to Xavier. If they give Xavier the information without killing Silas, the players are rewarded with a bag of 50gp, and are offered another 50gp if they go with him and a group of 10 men (level: players average level minus 2 with minimum 1). If pressured he’ll also throw in a tax free discount on everything in camp (they will now no longer be 2x price).

If the players side with Silas he will propose to take all of his men and surround the camp. They will sneak in and attack Xavier directly until he or Silas is killed (they’ll both fight to the death and won’t grant mercy). Silas will reward the players with 50gp and a permanent discount in all purchases in camp (they will now no longer be 2x price).

Another possibility is the players to publically unmask Xavier’s slave trade. If anyone outside of his inner circle learns and sees the truth of this they will turn on him and side with Silas.

If both are killed the remaining men who are in the majority will elect a new leader. The players may put forth one of their own, otherwise they’ll elect Greg as he stayed out of the fighting and consider him fair and unbiased.

  1. Slavers

About half a year ago the previous governor Silas found out that his best friend Xavier was planning to betray him. He had been kidnapping people in the camp and selling them as slaves for extra profit. Silas confronted him on this and drove him out and forced him to become a bandit (see bandits side quest).

Stephen Lynich (NG Human Fighter), has recently disappeared. His girlfriend and fellow adventurer (NG Elf Druid) named Jenna Talos has been looking for him since he disappeared from the camp a week ago. She will offer the players a 60sp reward (her entire savings) for his safe return.

The slavers are encamped a few hours away from the main camp (See appendix C). Unlike the bandits they will attack the players on sight, and run once 2/3rds of them are killed. They will have 1d6 current slaves tied up in their camp. The slaver leader, Yallmar (NE Half elf Rogue) also has several documents that have Xiaver (current governor’s seal on them) with payments. He will try to destroy them but not at the expense of his life as he’s cowardly and holds no loyalty towards the governor.

  1. Mapping Work

A man by the name of Grillzlefig (LN Wizard) is looking for detailed maps of the city. Despite it being uncovered for over a year there have yet to be made detailed maps of the area. He will pay well for any maps that the players can provide. Map skill is determined by a players survival skills DC 15 for a passable map (10gp), DC 20 for a good map (20gp), and DC 25 for an excellent map (30gp). This includes the overground area as well as any underground or internal structures the players encounter.

  1. Murder at the Temple

Recently there has been a murder in the local temple of the gods. A priest by the name of Malik has been found murdered with a knife in his back. The governor’s men have investigated but turned up nothing. Now there is a 30gp reward for anyone who can find his murderer.

If the players interview the priests they will not get much help, but one of the regular worshipers there by the name of Halk (LG Cleric) will tell them that he saw Malik taking money from the offering box. With closer investigation they’ll find the head priest Rothbert (LG Cleric) killed him once he learned he was stealing in a fit of anger. If the players decide not to turn him in (he’ll beg the players to spare him) he’ll give them free healing once per day.

  1. Tents Tents Tents

Welcome to Briggs’s tent emporium! Briggs is has made a name for himself as the top seller of tents in camp. Almost all of the tents that people use there are imported through his company. Recently, however, there is a competitor in the camp. Tom’s tents! Briggs and Tom will both ask the players to help them drive out the competition through various means. Tom is undercutting Brigg’s prices but he can’t go much lower due to the governor’s taxes and various overhead with his current supplier.

Briggs (NG half orc) is more kind hearted than Tom but he still cares about his business. He asks you to get inside information about Tom’s company and how he’s getting such cheap tents. Tom’s contact is a merchant that comes once a month. He will be willing to work with someone else if they pay him a higher price. Briggs will give players a permanent 10% discount on all tents.

Tom (CN Tiefling) on the other hand simply wants to drive Briggs out of business. He will ask you to light a fire and night and burn down Briggs’s tents. He’ll give players tents for 15% off.

Siding with Tom can break the “laws” of the camp and set the governor’s men on the players if they’re found out. Also it will effectively make Briggs homeless and he’ll soon leave the camp and return home nearly penniless.

For tent costs see appendix C.