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Nyl The Lost City 3

Locations in Camp

The overview of the camp can be seen in map 1.1. While it has grown significantly over the past year, it’s not large but there are some landmarks that stand out in the camp which will be of interest to players.

The Watering Hole

The only “large” actual building to be constructed in the camp. The Watering Hole – Inn and Tavern is the main gathering point and hangout for the residents of the camp. It was first set up by a woman named Jill Twillbiorn (LN Gnome) on top of the only fresh water well nearby. Naturally she charges a fair, yet slightly inflated price for the water. If she charged too much it would be her head on a spike.

The Watering Hole is the only place exempt from the taxes of the governor. She employs a small force for ten guards to act as bouncers and protect the building. The bartender is her boyfriend Seb (CN half elf), and the chef is a dwarf named Calabast (LN). They have some of the most expensive, yet best food around. Most people don’t stay at the Inn but instead opt to buy a tent if they plan to stay for a while as the Inn’s room’s are nice but limited. Map 1.2 shows a map of both floors of the Inn.

Most of the citizens of the camp treat the Inn and the area in front of it as a gathering place and informal town square. Most nights there’s lively music and performers both inside and out.


Watering Hole Menu & Room prices
Item Cost
Water 1 glass 3cp
WH ale 1 pint 1sp
Imported Dwarven ale 1 pint 1gp
Elven wine 1 bottle 5gp
Simple meal 5cp
Outside food stands (full meal) 3cp
Shared room (2x bunk beds) 3gp/night
Standard room (2x people) 5gp/night
Suite (6x people) 10gp/night


The Governor’s House

The governor’s house was constructed in part of stone and the rest of tents built and merged together to create a rather large structure (as seen on map 1.3). Nearby is a “barracks” of sorts which houses his 30 plus men.

The main part of his house is offices and rooms to store supplies. He also has several sections that serve as his personal living area and for servants he employs.

The barracks section doubles as a sort of police station and also includes a pit in the back where they throw prisoners. It’s covered by metal bars and the keys are held only by the constable, the governor’s second in command, a tall half orc by the name of Ogger (LE Barbarian), and the governor himself.

The Market

On the far end of the camp is a by comparative size a vast marketplace. Most is under one enormous tent (courtesy of Brigg’s Tent Emporium), but it quickly grew even too large for this and expanded into multiple other large tents next to it (map 1.4).

In this market players can find almost anything they are looking for in terms of gear and items that they are looking for. Some more magical items from the DMG as well can be found here at your discretion.

While shops here can have treasures and items from anywhere in your world that you place this adventure in and to whatever suits your needs, be sure to not make it too easy to find more rare and expensive items. Also the standard cost of all items here is 2x the normal cost listed in the PHB and DMG as the governor extracts a tax on the merchants as well as the cost of importing all of the items here. Of course players may haggle…

Some notable shops in the market are as follows:

  1. Briggs’s Tent Emporium + Tom’s Tents!

In their time in camp the players might want to have a tent as their own to serve as a home base instead of paying the high prices of The Watering Hole. Briggs can sell the players some high quality tents for the prices below. However, Tom can sell them cheaper quality tents as well. They will both try to persuade the players to help them push the other out of business. See the People of the Camp section for roleplaying Briggs and Tom.

Briggs’s and Tom’s Tent Prices
Briggs’s Tents Cost
1/person tent 5gp
2/person tent 10gp
4/person tent 15gp
10/person tent 30gp
Tom’s Tents
1/person tent 3gp
2/person tent 8gp
4/person tent 12gp
10/person tent 24gp


  1. Balwer’s Forge

For the best dwarven steel around look no further than Balwer’s Forge. Here the Balwer brothers work day and night to make anything with iron, steel, and metal. Expert blacksmiths they craft high quality items. Most of their stock can be found in the PHB but some finer magical weapons can be found there or requested by players. They don’t come cheap though, as they still fall under the x2 cost of all items in the camp.

There are elven blacksmiths as well but most count the Balwer brothers ad the best in camp. Some might dispute this though and if provoked they might call for a challenge in smithing to prove themselves.

  1. Walder Brother’s Rare and Mystical Magical Artifacts

The Walder brothers are a pair of older halfling brothers from half the world away (NG). They have traveled to nearly every land and place that can be thought of. Together they have put up a shop that one can find nearly anything you can think of. However, they never had great organisational skills. All of their odds and ends were never categorized and are a jumbled mess. If players wish to shop here, they can roll a percentage roll and can find a trinket table. This can only be done once per day. All other searches turn up even more useless items.

If a player wants to find a specific magical item or wonderous item even, it is possible on a DC roll determined by its rarity and the approval of the DM.


  1. Frisky Phil’s Rations

Frisky Phil is a half elf who has been in the sun a bit too long cooking his rations. He’s here to well… sell his rations. He also sells all sorts of food ingredients as his dark secret is that he’s into find dining, though of course he’d never admit to such a thing. Characters can by rations and other cooking items here from the PHB.


The Banking Guild

The Banking guild has sent its representative. Thornump (Elf LN), to manage its affairs at the lost city. Here players can open bank accounts including safety deposit boxes for anything they wish to store. They only charge 1gp for this service, and after that will charge 1gp/month holding a player’s account as collateral. Likewise players are welcome to have relics and items appraised and purchased by the guild, no matter how small.

The building itself is a large tent on the outside with a wooden and metal interior that has been built into ground. Dwarves guard the vaults and appraise reics. Tomar Raggar (LN Dwarf) is the chief appraisal expert. While Thornump is cold and dispassionate, Tomar generally comes across as warm and friendly.

The Temple

A large tent that inside clerics of all religions that have come to the lost city have set up shrines of worship. Most major religions are represented here. This can easily be adapted to fit any settings religions or to be sure a religious player’s deity is here to be worshiped and religious guidance found. The head priest named Tobaias (LG) is a very slow talker who passive aggressively demands players donate to the temple before giving them information. If it is life critical (like a character dying) he will help them right away, however, as he is not an evil person and simply wants to protect the temple and keep it well funded.