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I was wondering the alley streets of London, dark and alone, I could hear voices up ahead, but when I drew close, they vanished. Was this where I wanted to go? What was I even here looking for?

Walking, in the dark, for so long, I wasn’t sure about my destination or how I even got there, my mind was like a fog. No longer could I form the thoughts I had once sought to grasp.

Every time I thought I might just remember the idea vanished from my head as fast as it came. Was this torture for some wrongdoing? Why was I stuck here alone in the dark city that I had once lived? Once known people. Once had fond memories. I moved through the darkness that felt like a massive sheet around me, dispair and melancholy was all I felt.

This dark escapade was all that I could think of as my mind failed to grasp the world around it. I was unable to find or remember my destination as I walked and finally, overcome I sank to my feet and closed my eyes.

A light shone from under my eyelids, a figure a far-off waved at me from beyond a torch it carried. “Come with me, this way.”

I rose to my feet and followed.

[I wrote this as kinda a list minute idea. If it has a point, it will express how lost we feel in life sometimes. I know it’s a bit maudlin and random but hey, I almost forgot to write anything today… not particularly inspired I guess.]