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China and Austen

China is culturally a fascinating place. I’m going to be as diplomatic as possible. However, it struck me the other day that China could very well be one of the few countries in the world that you could still set one of Jane Austen’s books.

While of course, you could still do a modern rendition of it in the US or UK or what have you, in China, culturally there are many similarities that I’ve found. For instance, much of the culture here has a focus on face and being stable, earning money, etc. And often, very traditional girls want to just find a good man from a good family and settle down.

I won’t stereotype entirely as I’ve met MANY Chinese girls who don’t fall into this stereotype, however, I’d say that this is a general comparison. Some of the old-fashioned propriety and values also come into play, for better or worse.

I was thinking about this because I thought how interesting it would be to write a story that’s similar to Pride and Prejudice or one of the classic Jane Austen novels that’s set in modern-day China. It would be interesting I think for a lot of people who have never been to see the culture.

Just an idea! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to write more!