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More ideas

I’ve kinda been on a roll with ideas, not so much for actually writing them. I will get back to Defenders this weekend I think.

However, I had one more idea, that might be great as a TV script.

I was thinking a sitcom based in China (or another equally exciting country that you don’t see that much in western countries). This show can center on a group of expats and locals who are friends. It can follow a kind of sitcom-like format and deal with similar issues that US sitcoms deal with.

This would be appealing to both westerners who again don’t know about China that much or how life really is like here. If you make the topics relatable, they’d still find it funny as well. Likewise, it would be relatable to many expats.

It has the benefit as well of being a bit different too… anyways just another idea I might try it later!